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Helsepods is a brand that I have built from the ground up. And now it's a known brand in the health industry for podcasts and I achieved that by only being live for 2 months. is a podcast discovery service that I build from the ground up to bring more listeners to health podcasts in Norway. From 2020-2022 a lot of pharmaceutical companies created podcasts to use as a new channel for communication. But they were hit with the challenges of marketing as a pharmaceutical company in Norway and were struggling to get more listeners.

I designed the website myself and updated the front page regularly to improve engagement from our users, currently this is the version I landed on. it did not take long before the industry picked up on us and after only being live for 30 days I already had some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies asking to be a part of it. It was through clever Social media posting, Brand awareness, and google SEO I was able to achieve this. Today I work closely with the communication managers of the other companies/podcasts and this cooperation has been a key factor in our later growth. Today we have more than 50 podcasts on our service with many more on the way :)

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